Foam Filling Clear Tube

Filling Full Racks of Vinyl

Filling a 16' clear tube in one shot.  Shooting approximately 3 seconds of foam proves that long cavities easily fill without voids.  Once the foam reaches the ends and firms up (approximately 40 seconds), the vinyl can be processed normally for bending or to build windows.
Filling full racks of vinyl is the most common method.  The operator can easily shoot foam into the appliccable cavities with minimal scrap.  

Filling Lineals on a Table

Filling lineals on a table is another common method.  The table can either be horizontal or have an angle.  SUPERCORE foam flows well enough to fill in both positions.  In thse examples, the timer is NOT being used so there is more scrap than normal.  
NOTE: The operator on the left is not wearing the recommended face shield.
Window Fill Foam
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